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Olive Ave Extended Service Plan - Renewal

Olive Ave Extended Service Plan - Renewal



Renew your 3-year Extended Service Plan - Renewing requires sending your ring in for a free cleaning and inspection. 

As a reminder the 3-year Extended Service Plan provides additional peace of mind beyond our complimentary manufacturing warranty by protecting and upholding the quality of your Olive Avenue jewelry. When you purchase our Extended Service Plan, Olive Avenue will provide full inspection and cleaning for your new jewelry as well as covered repairs that may become necessary due to normal wear. 


  • Re-tipping prongs
  • Re-plating gold or silver rings
  • Tightening loose stones
  • Replacing missing melees (side stones)


Does not include damage done to the ring outside normal wear and tear, lost or stolen rings, damage or loss of center stones. 




Olive Avenue Jewelry is the new face of a family owned and operated jewelry company that has been in business for 35 years, first established in 1981 as The Diamond Consortium.

Our focus is to bring the highest quality jewelry to our customers for the best price. We are happy to offer our currated selection, or help you customize the perfect ring for the one you love.