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officially olive - the tanners

"Our wedding day was very emotional for me. We dated for four and a half years and while getting ready that day it hit me that I was finally getting to marry my best friend, and I had a hard time keeping my happy tears in. With COVID restriction some of my family couldn’t attend our wedding so, that was a little difficult, but we both knew it was the right time for us to get married and it helped us realize that the most important thing was that we were starting our life together. We had our ceremony and reception in our friend’s beautiful backyard in Huntington Beach, California. Our food theme was Italian based, and our caterer took a vision of a charcuterie table spread and brought it to life. We had a wonderful DJ and partied until late that night. My favorite part of our wedding was when we exchanged our own written vows to each other, and really highlight our relationship and goals for our future. My rings are extremely special to me. My rings symbolize my commitments I got to make to my husband, the commitments he made to me, and the love we both have for each other."

- Diane Tanner


photography by Cami Parker


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