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officially olive | megan + duda

Our wedding day was October 15, 2021 in the middle of the desert in Death Valley and it was truly the most beautiful and perfect day of our lives. Duda proposed to me in Cabo San Lucas with the most beautiful custom Olive Avenue ring 2 years ago, and since then we had been planning our big wedding. We ran into a lot of issues — COVID, all of Duda's family & friends in Brazil and the US border being closed, and simply all the unknowns of COVID itself —and after rescheduling it twice it became clear that what we really wanted was just to be married. So we did what felt right in our hearts — canceled our wedding and decided to elope. We became so excited by the idea of eloping that when we discovered Death Valley we fell in love immediately and knew we had to get married there. Before we knew it October was here. Our wedding day was full of surprises: we had no idea what our ceremony location at Breakfast Canyon looked like until we drove up to get married. There, we exchanged our vows and rings. My wedding band is the Classic 1mm in rose gold, and Duda's is the Damon band in yellow gold, simply beautiful. We also got extra matching flat bands that we both wear — All of them from Olive Avenue. Our bridal portraits took place at Zabriskie Point where we were stunned by the views, and then our reception was back at the resort in their Garden where we saw the table set up, decor, and cake for the first time. The surprises made it even more fun for the both of us. And although some important guests couldn't make it, we had 8 of the most special family and friends by our side and the day was filled with so much love and happiness.

Photos by Kirnos Photography



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