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officially olive - Mariana & Juan

"Where to even start! We met in North Carolina almost seven years ago while we were both on active duty. Sadly I got orders to a different state and thought I would never see him again but even with the distance we managed to meet half way at least once every month. That meant we both drove five hours each to meet in the middle, and we did this for an entire year. When we finally reunited again, life hit us FAST. I was pregnant with our first baby and we decided to get married at a courthouse since both of our families were not local and we did not want to have a big wedding without them. As years went by, between changing careers and adding two more children to our family, we simply never got around to having our big grand wedding or getting any pictures taken! We finally decided to have a vow renewal for our six year anniversary just us two and a photographer at a local church. We realized if we kept waiting for the "right time" it would never come. The day of the vow renewal was perfect! It was just us two and we were so carefree and excited. I think any parent can understand it is extremely hard to ever get away and do something for just you and your partner. In all these years we have never done anything for ourselves, not even a honeymoon so this vow renewal meant a lot to us! After six years of being together, three kids and three dogs later, we FINALLY said our vows to one another. I felt like a princess, that day was everything to me."


photography by Tiffany Roderick

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