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An Olive Proposal - Josie + Tim Romney

I’m originally from the Seattle area. My family moved to Arizona a year and a half ago and I met Tim! Tim knows how special my hometown is to me, so for the proposal he surprised me with a weekend trip to Seattle. We went and took off in a sea plane in Seattle and flew to Lake Stevens, my hometown. My family owned a dock on the lake and we have countless memories with family and friends there. The seaplane landed in Lake Stevens and drove towards the dock. When we got off the plane, there were flowers set up and he proposed on my families old dock. It was the most special and emotional moment of my life!! I had no idea he would pull this off. My family and his family were waiting and ran down to see us after he proposed. I will remember this day forever! And I love my custom olive Ave ring!
Photography by Brenna Lee
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