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Love Note from Olive Ave

Twenty twenty-two was one for the books at Olive Ave! This year was full of changes, big and small, that pushed us out of our comfort zones in the best way. We moved headquarter locations to a bigger and more beautiful office space and designed an incredible new showroom. We moved our amazing goldsmith team in office and hired a handful of wonderful new employees across all of our teams. We have designed new pieces that push our limits and inspire us creatively. 
Our focus in content creation is providing our audience with beautiful, true-to-life imagery that is informative and reflects the products we are so proud of. Our customer support and fulfillment teams are dedicated to educating and supporting our customers any way we can throughout the entire shopping and buying journey. 
As a company, our mission is to see people as people, and help others do the same. It sounds simple, but when you really commit and strive to live by it, that goal of seeing people as people can change your life. It shapes our work culture, our personal lives, and the vision we have for serving our customers worldwide. It shapes the way we interact with our customers, the care we put into each piece of jewelry, the way our teams are run, the content we create, the ads we publish, and the rings we design. We want each Olive wearer to feel and remember that message when they look at their jewelry. You are valued, you are loved, and you have a greater impact on this world than you realize.
Love Always, 
The Olive Ave Team 
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