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an olive proposal | valerie + kennedy

My name is Valerie, and my now, fiancé Kennedy became acquaintances in high school after having similar interests and mutual friends. After graduation we both stay in our hometown to go to the university in our city, and ended working at the same pizza place! From there an acquaintance, turned into a friend, turned into a crush, and turned into a fiancé! But I’m getting ahead of myself! After months of me obviously flirting, I made my move, and apparently the feeling was mutual. We began dating soon after, and will be together for almost three years this month! The proposal was perfect, more than what I could’ve dreamt of and more. I went out on this random Tuesday before my college graduation expecting to help my wedding photographer sister with an anniversary shoot, and I came home with a beautiful Olive Avenue ring, and a fiancé. Our love story has the Lord’s hand all over it, from beginning to end, and we are just getting started! I can’t wait celebrate our Union!

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