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an olive proposal | savanna & parker

"Parker and I met while I was waiting tables at a local restaurant. He came in one day with a friend and I just knew I had to meet him. I asked my coworker to tell him I thought he was cute because I was so nervous! We started going on a few dates a week and two years later, here we are! Engaged, getting married in May and excited to enter this new season of our lives.

One of my favorite parts of our story is that Parker and I lived right down the street from each other for years, but didn't meet until two years ago. I've lived in Lynchburg, Virginia my whole life, but Parker's family moved from Maine in 2014. When they moved here, they decided to settle down right down the street from us. Fate? I don't know, but it sure makes for a neat story!

We've been learning what marriage means and how it's more of a partnership than the lovey dovey stuff you see on TV. Parker is my teammate and I"m his teammate. One of my favorite parts about the ring he got me is that it symbolizes our commitment to each other. I'm so excited to spend my life getting to know and love Parker and I'm so glad to always have him to count on when I need support."
Photography by katy Allen 

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