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an olive proposal | sara + adrian

Adrian and I met at our church in Corona, California. We had a lot of friends and interests in common. I had seen Adrian extending kindness and friendship to others and his heart was so attractive to me! We met up at our favorite coffee shop before work in the morning almost everyday for an entire month in order to spend time together. I had recently gotten out of a really difficult time in my life, and Adrian came alongside me and promised to help me through it all. I knew he was special when he decided that we wanted to carry the load with me and sometimes, even for me! Feelings developed quickly and we both knew so early on that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. We have spent a majority of our time serving at church, going to specialty coffee shops and hanging out with friends as our relationship developed. 
2 weeks before Adrian proposed, my dad suffered a large stroke which triggered a seizure and landed him in the hospital. This was the lowest point in my life that I had faced so far and Adrian stood by mine and my family's side once again (and very much in his character to do). Little did I know, the proposal had been under wraps this entire time, and with both of our family and friend's support, we got to celebrate our love and our future (my healthy father included) by Adrian proposing at the beach he first told me that he loved me just 7 months prior. 
Adrian and I have seen each other through many trying seasons that you wouldn't expect to go through so early on in a relationship. This has not only strengthened us as individuals but made us better for each other and stronger together. The proposal Adrian set up (with help from one of our very best friends, Bianca and our favorite picnic company  reflected everything that our relationship makes me feel; loved, honored, beautiful, cared for and like sunshine coming from the inside out. 
I am beaming and beyond floored to become Adrian's wife in November of this year. I could not have asked for a better person to live my life with and would have never looked anywhere besides Olive Avenue for my ring. The Oliver encompasses my personality, style and the beauty of Adrian and I's love and relationship. I am so thankful to have found Olive Ave when I did and I am always proud to show off the ring and my Fiance!

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