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an olive proposal | rachel + will

"Our paths crossed many times over the course of our lives, foreshadowing our future together. Will and I share a hometown, our mothers (both teachers) taught in the same classroom for several years, my father coached our soccer team when we were tiny, and my family vacationed in his father’s beach condo in Florida every summer when I was young. Will and I met again in 2017 when we both started working at an independently owned pharmacy in our hometown and I developed a crush on the cute delivery boy! He asked me out for coffee and quickly became my best friend as we fell deeply in love. We’ve done long distance for months at a time over the past three years as I attend college in North Carolina and he pursues his Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Georgia. After spending the summer together, Will proposed to me on my parents’ anniversary at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens with my dream custom diamond Mable ring, and we celebrated with our friends and family for days after. It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. I’ll move back to Georgia after this year and we’ll begin our beautiful eternity together!"

Photos by Kayley Mewbourne


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