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an olive proposal | lauren + gibbs

My name is Lauren Vogler and my fiancé is Gibbs Kramer. We both grew up our entire lives in the same town of Wilmington, North Carolina but our paths didn’t cross until 2018 when a mutual friend introduced us. We quickly became inseparable best friends and starting dating in May of 2019. Just about our entire dating relationship was long distance between me finishing college and Gibbs working in Montana at a ski resort for a season. On the weekends we could see each other, they were always spent at the beach. We would walk for hours on end, sometimes not even speaking but rather enjoying just getting to be in the presence of one another. 
Our proposal was truly special to the both of us because it took place exactly where we would take those long walks on the beach. Long distance was an enduring journey but we are so thankful for it because we feel it truly made us closer. The Gibbs and Lauren who would take those long beach walks 4 years ago always hoped and prayed that they would never have to come to an end. 4 years later on the very same walk, our walk came to an end but it was met with a proposal that signifies our lifelong journey of love and friendship is just beginning. 
Young Mister said it best 
“As sure as a ring goes with a hand,
The stars with the moon,
Just like the ocean pairs well with the sand,
I go with you”
Thank you so much for being part of our special day! I talked about having an Olive Ave ring for years & I was truly given the ring of my dreams! 


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