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an olive proposal | landon + abbigail

Landon and I met at church camp 3 years ago, our parents have known each other for quite a few years as they are both pastors in cities one hour away from each other, it wasn’t till summer of 2019 He really started to like me and pursue me. He knew right away I was the one. He swooned me by becoming my best friend, dancing with me in the rain, making me laugh till I could no longer breathe, loved my family like his own, made me feel seen and beautiful. Coming up on 2 years of dating and he took me to the same spot he asked me to be his girlfriend, we danced  in the rain just like we did when we first started dating and he got down on one knee and asked me to forever do life with him, it was the happiest day of our life, we can’t wait for forever

Photos by Vanessa Marie



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