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an olive proposal | keyla + cristobal

We’ve been dating for about 10 months and our wedding is on May 27th. There’s no specific one way that we met because there were a lot of different reasons that led us to meeting each other. I even worked with both his brothers for over 6 months before we met. Because of the random connections we had, I can’t help but think we were being guided towards one another.
I had been sending Cristobal hints (but not actually hints because they were extremely obvious) about the ring I wanted, which has always been Rae. But I was still absolutely ecstatic and shocked that he chose it, with a little help from my sister of course. We’re exact opposites and it’s brought out the best in us and the drive to work and improve together. We’re both beyond excited to start our lives together.

Photos by Yibi Photography


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