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an olive proposal | jackson + alexa

We met online a little over one year ago, moved quickly past the small talk phase and right into the deep stuff. Without a doubt, God was working on our hearts to cross our paths. One month later Jackson drove two hours to visit me, and we were instantly comfortable with one another sharing genuine laughter and stories. The following week he asked me to be his girlfriend, and over the past year we have been in a long-distance relationship traveling up and down the East Coast. Long distance has grown us so much more than we could have ever expected and taught us the importance of relying on God as our firm foundation. On our 1-year anniversary Jackson and I had a couples photoshoot set up, that ended up leading to the best day of our lives! During the second pose prompt our incredible photographer had me turn around and low and behold the man of my prayers was on one knee asking me to marry him with the ring of my dreams. I will never forget the rush of love and feelings I felt, and how I could not help but glorify God. About 5 minutes into the rest of our photoshoot I started crying out of pure gratitude and joy saying, "God is so good, I used to sit in a prayer closet praying for this moment and He has exceeded my prayers". We are so thrilled to begin our journey together with hands wide open and lifted high.

Photos by Catherine Leigh Photo


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