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an olive proposal | heidee + crew

Crew and I met in high school! We had a class together freshman year, and I always thought he was so cute. We were friends throughout high school, but never really dated. Our second semester of senior year, we started to become super close. He was my best friend! We ended up starting to really like each other the summer after senior year. Right person, wrong timing is very real though, because he was leaving on a two year church mission and I was moving to another state for college. Long story short, I ended up staying single for the two years he was gone and I was only able to talk to him over email once a week. Neither of us really knew for sure if we “liked” one another still, because we didn’t talk about it. I hoped and prayed that he’d still be into me when he got home. I was in luck! We finally made it official when he got home and have been dating ever since. He’s my perfect match and I can’t imagine life without him. I love him so much and can’t wait to marry him!

Photos by Hannah Lorsch Photography


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